~ Important Please Read ~

Live Broadcast Instructions: 

Our Live Broadcast will only stream when a wedding is actually taking place. If  you receive an error message this is because there are no weddings streaming at the time. If you are looking for a wedding that has recently been held in our chapel please refer to the Archived Weddings tab. Click on the logo below to open windows media player. You must be on a desktop computer that supports windows media player in order to view the wedding. Some laptops may not be compatible with the live broadcast.  Mobile devices are not compatible with the live broadcast.

Our Live Broadcast is viewed through windows media player and is not compatible on mobile devices, on some laptops and any Mac/Apple Products. In order to view a live wedding you will need to use a desktop that is compatible with windows media player. 

For questions or help with the live broadcast please call


Thank you and enjoy the ceremony.

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